Hello there! So I’m Rose and this is going to be my blog for my Sims 3 legacies. Just a warning, although I’m attempting to follow the legacy challenge rules I rarely do and usually just do my own thing, so actually I’m not really doing the legacy challenge at all.¬†Basically¬†I cheat like a lunatic. So don’t expect me to count legacy points or not ever use money cheats. In my “challenges” I make the rules and therefore there are none. YAY FOR NO RULES!


I already have four or so legacies started that I’m going to be writing stories for, so you can look forward to that I guess. Also most of my sims families are founded by gay/lesbian sims, because I’m bad ass like that.


I really don’t know what else to write about in this fail of an introductory post so toodaloo!